Monday, October 15, 2007

College Football Week 7 Picks Wrapup

Well college football game game hebdomad 7 is in the books and so is our hebdomad 7 college football choices which were sent out to our endorsers on Thursday. Gratuitous to say, we had a great hebdomad as we went 6-0 astatines with our six best stakes for the week. We started the merriment by picking Aftermath Forest (+6) on Thursday. We then currently picked the followers five for Saturday.

Vanderbilt (+7)

Leland Stanford (+6)

Beaver State State (+14)

Rutgers (-16.5)

Beaver State (-18)

Needless to say, it was another good hebdomad for our pro handicappers. Our 10 twelvemonth history of service have got netted our best stakes a 62 percentage success charge per unit and despite Vegas moving the lines slightly when our choices are released, we still come up out on top. We have got identified another 5o roentgen 6 games that volition be best stakes this hebdomad so we trust to convey more than victors to our readers.

We also had Strong Plays for Week 7 and concerted with our best BETS, we injure up going 17-9 ATS. This conveys out seasonal record to 128-96-3 astatines which also takes into business relationship the free choices we offer each hebdomad on our website.

Of course of study hebdomads like these are what we take for every hebdomad and we once again at our 60-plus winning percentage. This college football game season have been brainsick however and in talking to other professional handicappers, it have been very tough to name also. It's true up that the two hebdomads before this past Saturday were insanely tough to calculate owed to all of the disturbances but we trust on our time-tested methods for success that cuts through all game scenarios to go on yielding winners. Week 8 is fast approaching and with that, our expectancy of more than winners. Good luck.

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