Monday, November 12, 2007

NCAA College Football Week 11 Point Spread Picks Roundup

Well NCAA College Football hebdomad 11 is in the books and we once again hammered the point spreading as we went 9-2 astatines with our Week 11 Best Bets/Strong Plays. Our professional odds-makers have got been hot all season long and Saturday was the icing on the cake. Below are the 11 games we sent out to our endorsers and based on the feedback we have got gotten, we made people a great trade of money this week.

Rutgers (-19) OVER ARMY: We began our hebdomad with this Friday game which we touted as Our Game Of The Year as it was clear to us that Rutgers would thump Army on the road. This game was prognosis to be played in a very heavy rainfall and we banked on the fact that Rutgers would let rubidium Beam Rice to predominate the ball and tally all over a little Army defensive attitude front. That's exactly what occurred as Rutgers won going away.

As far as Saturday was concerned, this was the dislocation on our other 10 selections:

Florida (-6.5) OVER South CAROLINA: Despite playing against their old coach, the Gators were not going to be denied here as they clearly had the endowment border against a weak Gamecocks discourtesy and they used the motivational border of playing to acquire into the second statute title game to procure the easy win.

TULSA (pick) OVER Houston: Wow what a path this was as Houston was never in this game. We believed Tulsa was a much better squad than they were given recognition for owed to their inclination to turn the ball over. Well they protected the ball here and they showed just how gifted they are by scoring the greatest path on our batting order of selections.

VIRGINIA technical school (-6) OVER Sunshine State State: This 1 made us nervous a spot as the Seminoles played well here as they hung tight well into the 2nd one-half and showed that they could possibly mark the upset. However the defensive border that the Hokies had came to the surface in the 4th one-fourth as they scored two large turnover rates and dominated from that point on.

TENNESSEE (pick) OVER Arkansas: This was another cardinal game on our docket as many felt the Razorbacks would win this 1 but we felt that the Volunteers would utilize the place crowd to their advantage and usage their solid tally defence to bottle up the great Land Of Opportunity running play game. Thats exactly what happened and we scored a win that many felt was not going to happen.

AIR coerce (-3) OVER Notre Dame: We have got been going against Notre Dame all twelvemonth and this was no different as the Irish truly are awful and should be stake against every week.

MISSISSIPPI state (+4.5) OVER Alabama: MSU is another squad that is underrated and they proved their worthiness by securing a place triumph over a clearly overrated Heart Of Dixie squad.

UCLA (+6) OVER Grand Canyon State State: We liked the Bruins here after ASU saw their unbeaten season disappear last hebdomad against Oregon. There is always usually a katzenjammer after such as a large licking and thats exactly what occurred here as we picked up another great win.

Those games above were all victors and made our hebdomad a immense success. We have got another two hebdomads of college football game choices and we are confident we will procure some more than wins for our subscribers. We lost only with Miami Sunshine State (-3.5) and Southern Mississippi River (-15.5) to travel with the 9 wins above so to state we were hot is an understatement. Good fortune to all going into the last two hebdomads of the year.

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