Friday, September 28, 2007

NFL Week 5 Point Spread Picks

SUNDAY afternoon 1:00 Prime Minister ET
1. *******COWBOYS (-12.5) VS. Rams******WE rich person Type A STRONG opinion ON THIS GAME.

2. ******Packers (-1.5) VS. VIKINGS********THIS game IS ONE OF OUR FIVE best stakes FOR THE WEEK.

3. ******Bears (-2.5) VS. LIONS******THIS game IS ONE OF OUR FIVE best stakes FOR THE WEEK.

4. ******Texans (-2.5) VS. FALCONS******THIS game IS ONE OF OUR FIVE best stakes FOR THE WEEK.

5. Ravens (-4.5) VS. BROWNS: The Browns are once again a place underdog as they were in Week 2 when the disquieted the Bengals by scoring over 50 points. Things figure to be much tougher on that side of the ball against a very tough Ravens defence that set some in the 2nd one-half last hebdomad against the Grand Canyon State Cardinals before holding on to win. QB Steve McNair once again had to go forth the game early with hurt and at this point it's anyone's conjecture as to whether he or Kyle Boller will start. The Browns on the other manus are an improved squad with QB Derek Sherwood Anderson as they nearly pulled off the win last hebdomad in Oakland against the Raiders. The Browns have got shown somewhat of an offense beat since the Cincinnati game and they calculate to run rubidium Jamal Jerry Lee Lewis all twenty-four hours long. Jerry Lee Lewis will be looking to give a good screening to the squad that gave up on him last season. The Ravens defence however is very tough against the tally with DT Haloti Ngata clogging the lanes and things should be no different here. The job with Baltimore however is on discourtesy as things look to bog down down at modern times such as as last hebdomad against the Cardinals in the 2nd half. The Ravens are also not a good route favourite as they have got now gone only 6-14 astatines in their 20 games as a route favorite. The Browns have got enough endowment to remain close here, especially if McNair loses the game. If McNair is out, then this choice is even stronger for the Browns. On the impudent side, if Browns tellurium Kellen Edward Winslow Jr. loses this game with injury, then we go through on this 1 and so should you. THE PICK: Cleveland Browns (+4.5)

6. dolphinfish (-3.5) VS. Raiders: The Raiders will come up into this game full of assurance after whipping the Browns at the doorbell by blocking Phil Dawson's possible winning kick. Those are the kind of game scenarios that combustible team's the adjacent hebdomad and the Raiders fit up well against a struggling Dolphins squad that lost on the route last hebdomad against the Jets. Miami is hurting for a win as their discourtesy have struggled and their defence have been a shadow of its former top-notch self. The Raiders also measure up in a very profitable 40-11 astatines scenario in games following a last 2nd win the former week. Clearly squads addition assurance after such as hard-fought wins and they are other focused for the adjacent week's game. Miami should win this game but by lone a field goal. Go with the Raiders to remain close adequate to cover. THE PICK: Oakland Raiders (+4)

7. ******JETS (-3.5) VS. BILLS*******WE rich person Type A STRONG opinion ON THIS GAME.

SUNDAY afternoon 4:00 Prime Minister ET
8. jaguars (-2.5) VS. Buccaneers: The Carolina Panthers will turn to backup QB Saint David Carr as starter motor Jake Delhomme will lose this 1 with injury. Carolina have been maddeningly inconsistent this season as their domination of the Rams in the route in Week 1 belies their icky attempt in Week 2 against the Texans at place and in nearly losing to the Falcons last week. The Buc's on the other manus have got been a nice surprise this season as QB Jeff Garcia have been just what manager Jon Gruden needed as far as having a QB he can win with. The defence have got also surprisingly played well as negotiation of their death owed to old age have been unfounded. The Panthers should win this 1 but they are so inconsistent it is tough to state what they will do. Carr is also a large inquiry grade here as he never have shown he can win games consistently. Tough 1 to name but if you must travel with the place squad here. There are no tendencies that base out either 1 on both sides so it might be best to put off this 1 however. THE PICK: Carolina Panthers (-3)

9. *****Seahawks (-2.5) VS. 49ERS******THIS game IS ONE OF OUR FIVE best stakes FOR THE WEEK.

10. *****COLTS (-9.5) VS. Broncos******WE rich person Type A STRONG opinion ON THIS GAME.

11. chargers (-11.5) VS. Chiefs: The San Diego Chargers are a squad in confusion as the QB and rubidium are arguing on the outs of-bounds and both are not playing well to travel with almost everyone else on the squad in losing two of their first three. Things will be easier at place against a weak Chiefs squad that can't acquire into the end zone. The Chargers defence should be able to order this 1 against a Sunflower State City discourtesy that can't throw the ball with any consistence and in bend have caused star rubidium Larry Samuel Johnson to see a steady dose of 8-man fronts. The Chiefs make have got a better than norm defence however and they should be able to maintain themselves close here. The Chargers are just too out of sync to urge them covering such as a high figure and they also use in a very negative 25-58-1 astatines hebdomad 4 scenario where they are favored by over 8 at place after a loss. The Chiefs are not a good squad but they have got enough defence to maintain them in the game. Take the points and depository financial institution on a near game than many predict. THE PICK: Sunflower State City Chiefs (+11.5)

12. *****Steelers (-5.5) VS. CARDINALS*******WE rich person Type A STRONG opinion ON THIS GAME. Sunday night 8:15 Prime Minister ET

13. *******Eagles (-2.5) VS. GIANTS******WE rich person Type A STRONG opinion ON THIS GAME. Monday night 8:30 Prime Minister ET

14. ******Patriots (-7.5) VS. BENGALS******WE rich person Type A STRONG opinion ON THIS GAME.