Friday, September 14, 2007

The Notorious Card Marker

William Land is perhaps one of the most ill-famed card markers in all of Nevada. William was born William Gene Land in Hazard, Kentucky. As William got aged he learned how to quickly tag card game though assorted schemes. He started out with flimsy of manus card fast ones and then advanced into the human race of casinos. Land became the absolute maestro at many shading techniques. Land soon had a pack of card marking deceivers working for them. They began pulling together money from cozenages which allegedly earned them $ 1 million dollars from certain targeted casinos.

Soon land was becoming the talking of Silver State and everyone started stalking about him. He like Toilet Vaccaro was placed in the List of Excluded Persons or the Black Book. This was a listing of people who were banned from coming into the gambling casinos on the Strip in Las Vegas. But it was interesting because it did not halt him from continuing with this card scam. It was not until he was finally arrested in 1994 that he was forced to stop. The apprehension was not spoon adequate to halt Land from heading up a card cozenage at an Indian gambling casino in American Capital State. That cozenage landed him about a million dollars.

Land have really not been heard from again in footing of card marking. Land makes unrecorded in Las Vegas Silver State but have been keeping quiet. Maybe he simply decided to turn over a new leafage because he have already made over a million dollars simply by marking a card or two. The good old expression What haps in Vegas, Stays in Vegas makes not use to William Land. Land have scammed a batch of money from these gambling casinos and maybe he have finally learned a lesson.

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